Booster Quadrupole Power Supply

Booster Quadrupole Power Supply for the Diamond Synchrotron and similar applications


Main characteristics:

Output Voltage: + 398 V

Output Current: 200 A

Current Control Range: 2 – 200 A

Accuracy: + 50 ppm (+ 10mA )

Current Resolution: 18 bit = 3.81ppm (f.s.)

Current Ripple: < + 10 ppm (+ 2 mA)

Current Reproducibility: + 50 ppm (+ 10mA )

Technology: Modular, IGBTs

Control: LOCAL or REMOTE

Layout Dimensons: 4000  1600  2400 mm (l  w  h)

Weight: approx 6 tons

Cooling: Forced Air

Other Features: Hot Swappability; Redundancy


  • Booster Quadrupole Magnets and general purpose conventional and superconducting magnets
  • coils for stable magnetic fields
  • proton and ion accelerators for medical purposes
  • industrial and research laboratories for high current stability

Main features:

This power supply, with an efficiency >95%, has an high performance modular topology implemented by IGBTs and it is suitable for almost any high current or voltage stability applications.

The solution is available for a wide range of power and are specially designed for high stability, low current ripple applications, such as particle accelerators.

In particular, this topology has been specifically designed for the Diamond Light Source in Oxford and it is conform to the latest EMC regulation including HALT&HASS tests.

This modular topology is also characterized by a redundant solution. The hot swappability, in addition, ensures a continuous operation of the power supply in case of failure and substitution of one module.

Due to its performing design, the Diamond Synchrotron contract for the medium and large magnet power supplies has been successfully awarded to OCEM, which now produces and proposes this topology to its main customers in particle accelerators.