Plasma – Gyrotron HV PS


Main characteristics:

N.8 power supplies

Maximum current rating 20 A

Nominal voltage rating 1000 V

Current resolution 2 %

Current accuracy 2 %

Current distortion < 5 %

Current reproducibility 2 %

Waveform sinusoidal range 5Hz – 10 Hz

Load inductance 1H

Technology 2 IGBT bridges

Max Over – Under Shoot:  900 V

Switch Off Time:  < 10 µs

Max Energy Delivered To The Load (ARC): < 1 (one) J

Technology: Multi Pulse Width Modulation

Control: LOCAL with display, keyboard and mouse

Remote: ModBus over Ethernet + optical

Layout Dimensions:  2100 x 2565 x 2520 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: approx 3 Tons

Cooling: Air

Other Features:  Fault tolerance, Redundancy


High Voltage Loads (such as tubes, RF generators, Gyrotrons, Tetrodes, Klystrons, IOTs.