OCEM Power Electronics Whistleblowing System

Promoting Integrity and Trust

At OCEM Power Electronics, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. Our whistleblowing system is a crucial element in ensuring transparency and trust among our employees, clients, and all stakeholders. If you suspect unethical behavior within our organization, please report it to us.

Accessibility and Anonymity

The service is accessible to all employees, clients, and stakeholders. We guarantee complete anonymity and security for anyone wishing to report potential irregularities or unethical behavior. The system is managed by an external and impartial service provider, ensuring that reports are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

How It Works

Reports can be made anonymously. Upon reporting, an ID and password will be provided to allow case tracking and communication with our team, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. All reports are handled by designated persons within our organization. Information sent through the whistleblowing channel is completely secure, and there is no risk of retaliation.

Type of Reports

The system is intended for reporting serious suspicions of misconduct, fraud, corruption, or other ethical and legal violations. We encourage reports made in good faith and are committed to protecting those who choose to speak up from any retaliation. Always send true information and be as specific as possible when describing the situation you have witnessed. Provide any necessary attachments if needed.

Our Commitment

Thank you for helping us keep OCEM Power Electronics an ethical and responsible workplace. Your voice matters to us.