This year’s edition will take place May 31 to June 1 in Salerno

After successfully hosting last year’s event, OCEM Power Electronics is pleased to announce it will co-sponsor the third annual International Workshop on Supercapacitors, in partnership with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), in Salerno later this spring.

The workshop, which is also being organized by the University of Salerno, will take place May 31 to June 1 and is free with mandatory registration. In addition to offering event sponsorship, OCEM’s general manager is serving on the scientific committee, and OCEM engineers will present the company’s latest R&D breakthroughs in the field of supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors are energy storage systems that offer high power density, fast recharge and long lifetime, but have lower available energy density than batteries.

They are especially useful for applications where the energy is accumulated and delivered in a relatively short amount of time — including large experimental plants such as some fusion energy facilities — and applications requiring rapid charge/discharge cycles, such as regenerative braking in transportation.

OCEM hosted last year’s event, “Supercapacitors: On the Pulse of a Revolution,” at its headquarters in Bologna, Italy, to give members of related fields an opportunity to discuss and compare current and future developments in supercapacitors.

The workshop featured speakers from as far away as Japan, Korea and the U.S., with presenters and participants also hailing from the U.K., France and Germany — and from some of the most prestigious institutions and companies in Italy.

This year the presentations and discussion will focus on energy storage, including batteries, high-voltage capacitors, superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), flywheels, power electronics, novel control and modeling techniques and special applications.

OCEM is slated to present on compact power supply with integrated energy storage and recovery capabilities. For more information and to register — free — for the event, visit the workshop website here. OCEM looks forward to seeing you in Salerno!

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