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Ballast – Lighting Inverters

Lighting Inverters

The lighting inverters for fluorescent lamps are based on a push-pull self oscillation system with MOSFET technology, which assures high efficiency and reliability. An input stage stabilizes the power supplied to the lamp for all the input voltage range (Fig.1) within a fluctuation range of the luminous flux of the lamp less than 20%. This characteristic eliminates the particularly unpleasant effect to the travelers during the reading. The lifetime of the tube is increased thanks to a boosted pre-heating system of the filaments (max 1,5 sec), which activates itself when the inverter is powered. Another advantage is the “low consumption stage“ that reduces the power consumption of the inverter when the voltage becomes less than 26,5V (battery operation) assuring a longer car battery autonomy in case of lack of the  train power.


Compliant with:
EN50121-1, EN 50153, EN 50155, EN 50311, EN 55015, EN 60081, EN 60901, EN 60925, EN 60924, IEC 571, IEC 1376, UNI E.10.02.977-1,UNI E.10.02.977-2, UNI E.10.02.977-3


1. General characteristics

  • high power stability: < 20%
  • high ignition number: >100.000
  • flicker free starting and operation
  • high resistance to vibrations and shocks
  • working frequency f > 20kHz
  • max output length 3m
  • IP20
  • Operating temperature  -25°C +70°C
  • Efficiency > 0,75
  • MTBF >  70.000 hrs