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Diamond Booster Dipole

Diamond Booster Dipole PS

For the booster power converters reproducibility refers to the instantaneous current at the same measurement point in each cycle. These power converters must meet the above reproducibility specification. In addition they must meet the specified reproducibility 5 seconds after being turned on after being off for 9 minutes during a 1 minutes on, 9 minutes off duty cycle (10%).

Resolution is defined as a change in the input reference signal that is followed by the output current.

Current ripple is defined  as the peak-to-peak variation in the output current at frequencies from 5 Hz to 10 MHz, with a dc output current. The ripple must be achieved over the full current control range for the storage ring dipole power converter and up to the maximum dc output achievable with the booster power converters.

Compliant with:
EN50121-1, EN 50153, EN 50155, EN 50311, EN 55015, EN 60081, EN 60901, EN 60925, EN 60924, IEC 571, IEC 1376, UNI E.10.02.977-1,UNI E.10.02.977-2, UNI E.10.02.977-3


1. Main characteristics

  • Maximum peak current 975 A
  • Nominal peak voltage ± 2098 V
  • Current control range 10 – 975 A
  • Current resolution 18 bit = 3.81ppm (f.s.)
  • Current accuracy ±50ppm (±48.8mA)
  • Current ripple  < ± 10 ppm (± 9.75 mA)
  • Inst.Current reproducibility ± 50 ppm (± 48.8 mA)
  • Technology Modular, IGBTs

2. Other features

  • Hot swap
  • Redundant