High Voltage Power Supplies, Plasma Physics, RF Systems


High Voltage Power Supply

Main Power Supply for CPD Gyrotrons and similar applications

This high performance power supply is suitable for almost any high voltage application.

It offers high accuracy on the output voltage and excellent dynamic performances combined to high operational flexibility, high availability, low maintenance requirements, high efficiency and low impact on the grid.

The topology is based on a modular structure with a large number of elementary IGBT-based power modules; with this solution the voltage can be modulated in a very fast way to obtain the desired output voltage by using a proper switching strategy. This modular structure is characterized by redundancy in order to increase the fault tolerance and the reliability of the system. The modular approach also improves maintenance and servicing, simplifies the managing of the spare parts and reduces the life-cycle cost of the installation.


1. Main characteristics

  • Nominal Output: 60 kV / 80 A (4,8 MW)
  • Output Voltage Range:  between -1 kVdc and -60 kVdc
  • Regulation at full performances: -45 kVdc to -60 kVdc
  • Square Modulation (ON-OFF): up to 60 kV, up to 5 kHz
  • (rise time  26 µs, fall time  10 µs)
  • Peak Current: 400 A repetitive peak
  • Accuracy: ± 600 V
  • Output Ripple: ± 300 V (peak to peak)
  • Max Over Under Shoot: < 500 V
  • Switch Off Time: < 10 µs
  • Max Energy Delivered Of The Load (ARC): 6 J
  • AC Input Voltage: 20 kV / 50 Hz (± 10%)
  • Power Factor:> 0.98
  • Efficiency: > 94% (with modulated output)
  • Control: LOCAL with display, keyboard and mouse
  • Remote: (ModBus over Ethernet + optical)
  • Measurements Bandwidth: ³500 kHz
  • Layout Dimentions: 6600 x 3800 x 3500 mm (L x W x H)
  • Wheight: approx 45 Tons
  • Cooling: Water

2. Others Features

  • Fault tolerance
  • Redundancy