OCEM Power Electronics is pleased to announce that, together with Ampegon as part of the Aretè and Cocchi Technology Group, the company has committed to becoming an associate supporter of the European Physical Society.

Given how much of OCEM’s work is done in support of major European scientific facilities, such as ITERPSIDESYGSIKITMPI/W7XDiamondALBAMedAustronCNAO, and a host of other research laboratories and spin-off startups utilizing fundamental physical principles, supporting the EPS to better reach out to physicists, engineers and researchers makes perfect sense:

“By supporting the EPS, Ampegon and OCEM can better support researchers looking for industrial partners such as us to provide high energy power supply or RF technology for their research…” says Josef Troxler: “Today’s research leads to tomorrow’s technology and the industry of the future. OCEM and Ampegon understand how much early inputs from industry partners can boost the success of new technology, accelerating its development enormously.”

Ampegon and OCEM specialize in novel power supply and RF amplifier designs for unique applications. For more information about custom developments, please see our OCEM About page.