OCEM’s Power Electronics division will participate in the EAAC workshop from 13-19 Sept.

OCEM Power Electronics will be participating Sept. 13 to 19 in the next European Advanced Accelerator Concept Workshop, organized by the European Network for Novel Accelerators (EurNNAc2) in La Biodola, Isola d’Elba, Italy .

OCEM is proud to serve as a main sponsor for the event, which aims to review and assess the most effective methods for generating high-energy particle beams.

Participants hailing from all across Europe, including OCEM’s co-sponsor INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), will examine issues such as diagnostics methods, timing technology, special needs for injectors, beam matching, beam dynamics with advanced accelerators, and development of adequate simulations.

The EurNNac2 is a consortium of 52 research institutes and universities that is endorsed by the International Committee for Future Accelerators’ panel on Advanced and Novel Accelerators. As a forward-thinking company sensitive to the needs surrounding particle accelerators, OCEM is proud to assist its work.

To schedule a meeting during the workshop, email us at power@ocem.com. Our marketing department will confirm your appointment as quickly as possible.

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