The compact New Generation Power Supply is the latest addition to OCEM’s wide range of power solutions

OCEM Power Electronics has launched a set of standard power converters for particle accelerator magnets that offers high efficiency and long-term stability in a compact 19” device.

The New Generation Power Supply (NGPS) was developed in partnership with CAENels, a manufacturer of power controls and precision current sensors, for use in high-tech applications such as particle physics and medical devices.

The device was launched last month and is the first of several standard products currently in development at OCEM. The company also offers custom turn-key solutions for a wide range of scientific applications.

The NGPS makes use of current and voltage control loops that allow it to achieve the desired dynamic results no matter what type of load is connected to the power unit.

It offers high stability and reliability, which are achieved with a stable output current and innovative hardware that eliminates the need for an external precision DAC board and power amplifier. Its advanced 10/100/1000 TCP-IP Ethernet interface, with 2x Fast SFP (10 kHz update), provides high reliability and performance.

The NGPS can also be used also as a building block for larger, more powerful systems operating as a single unit with a single communications interface. Its output ratings are customizable upon request.

For more information on the new NGPS, download the brochure here.

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