Supercapacitors-ocem-power-electronicsThe company is also presenting at the May 13 event organized by the Italian National Agency for New Technology and the Italian Association of Engineers’ Rome section

OCEM Power Electronics is sponsoring a conference on supercapacitors and energy storage this week that will explore the technology’s current applications and future potential, including its use in clean-energy technologies such as electrical vehicles and fusion energy.  

“Supercapacitors and energy storage: from research through industrial applications up to nuclear fusion plants” will take place Friday, May 13, at the ENEA Frascati Research Center in Rome.

The conference is co-organized by the Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) and the Italian Association of Engineers, Rome Section.

OCEM is sponsoring the event and will give a presentation on modular high-current systems based on supercapacitors.

The company, together with Enea, is one of the pioneers in the supercapacitors development, thanks to researches and studies on power electronics applications: this is the reason why it decided to became sponsor of the event.

Supercapacitors are energy storage systems that offer high power and density, fast recharge and long lifetime, but with lower available energy density than batteries. They are especially useful for applications where peak power is relatively short compared to recovery time, like in large experimental plants such as fusion energy facilities. 

OCEM has been designing and manufacturing customized power systems for major fusion research facilities for the past 40 years. It is supplying components to the ITER lab, a major international fusion research facility under construction in Cadarache, France and to JT-60SA in Japan.

More information about conference participation and programming is available here.

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