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High Voltage Power Supplies

OCEM solutions are based on many years of experience and well-known expertise. We can offer a wide gamut of solutions by identifying the proper answers to any of your needs or questions.

Our modular approach can be easily configured in an extensive range of voltage and power to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We offer:

  • Redundancy, in order to increase the fault tolerance and the reliability of the system
  • High accuracy and wide modulation capabilities, thanks to the most advanced modulation algorithm and control strategies (patented)
  • Crowbarless operation, to protect the loads in the fastest and most reliable way, without adding complex and expensive protection devices
  • Low Voltage or Medium Voltage AC input, depending on the power size and on the existing mains
  • Low impact on the grid: high power factor, very low current harmonic content, high efficiency
  • Easier diagnostics, reducing the MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) in case of fault
  • Modularity, allowing the simplification of spare parts management and reduction of the installation life-cycle cost
  • Easier integration in any type of high level control system, due to the advanced interface solutions provided
  • powerful, intuitive and user friendly Human Machine Interface based on wide touch screens.

Thyristor based power supplies with modern and intelligent control techniques as well as smart voltage multiplier devices and other classic solutions are also available.